Mackay City Centre Easter Carnival 2017 - Food Vendor Application

Single Sites are 3m x 3m. Doubles are 3m x 6m. If you require more room, please ensure you make multiple applications and note the site size required. Sites can only be 3m deep.
Please tick one:

Please ensure you list all of your power requirements.

Please note: Your insurance policy must be up to date with a minimum of $10 000 000 indemnities.
I have received, read and understand the above conditions for the Mackay City Centre Easter Carnival. I further agree to indemnify the Mackay Regional Council against any claim whatsoever that may be brought against Mackay Regional Council by any person in relation to this food vendor agreement. I declare that I am willing to abide by the Sustainability Guidelines.

Please provide any further information to support your application.

SITE PAYMENTS ARE REQUIRED AT TIME OF APPLICATION - You will be issued with a receipt as proof of payment at time of payment.


Mackay City Centre Easter Carnival 2018


The following conditions have been implemented to present a quality event and service for the benefit of the community and our food vendors. Should you require any assistance in meeting any of the following criteria, please contact the Festival and Events Producer on 07 4961 9763.

  1. Food handling facilities and service must comply with the Mackay Regional Council Health and Regulatory Service Division. A copy of your Temporary Food Permit or License must be supplied to the Festival and Events Producer prior to the event along with your application. Should you require a copy please contact our office 49619763.
  2. Food Vendors must have attended a Food Handling Information Session at Mackay Regional Council in the past 12 months. If not you must attend a session prior to the event.
  3. All applicants must hold a current public liability insurance policy with a minimum cover required for their specific products or services
  4. All applicants must supply their own marquee (where applicable) and materials.
  5. Equipment to secure marquees must be supplied by the applicant (eg. Sand bags, weights etc.)
  6. Applicants are responsible for the bulk rubbish removal from their allocated site area - cleaning labour fees will be charged to the food vendor upon leaving rubbish on site.
  7. Applicants are liable for restoration claims for any damage they may cause to the site areas.
  8. Failure to comply with all conditions may lead to withdrawal of your site.
  9. Applicants may be filmed or photographed during the event and agree for footage and images to be used for promotional use by Mackay Regional Council.
  10. You must also abide by, in full, the Sustainable Event Management Guidelines. These guidelines are available to view and download on this website and it is advised you do so before applying to be part of this festival. Failure to do so will result in the withdrawal of your site at the organiser's discretion.
  11. Application and payment must be completed before 28 FEBRUARY 2018 - STRICTLY NO LATE APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED.