Global Grooves Commercial Stallholder Application - CLOSES 30 AUGUST 2019

Please note that all sites are either 3m (single) or 6m (double). If you require more than 6m (double) you will need to book an extra site.
Site Type
Please advise your site type.

Please list all your power requirements

Please note: Your insurance policy must be up to date with a minimum of $20 000 000 indemnities.
How many car permits do you require?
*Maximum of 1 per stall
I have read and understand the Sustainable Events Guidelines and conditions for the 2019 Global Grooves event I further agree to indemnify the Mackay Regional Council against any claim whatsoever that may be brought against Mackay Regional Council by any person in relation to this stallholder agreement. I declare that I am willing to abide by the Sustainability Guidelines of 2019.