Not for Profit Stallholder Application 2018 - CLOSES 31 AUGUST 2018

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Do you have 'Not for Profit' Status? *
Please describe what you will be setting up - any information you're displaying or products you're selling.
Not for Profit SITE CHOICES: * These are non commercial or Cultural Village Site options ONLY if you ARE NOT selling food. If you intend to cook and sell food in your village site - please complete a CULTURAL FOOD VENDOR APPLICATION All site holders must provide their own marquee and equipment. If you require a marquee please complete a Commercial Stallholder Application.
Please detail what you will be bringing that needs power. Please also ensure all items are tested and tagged.
Declaration: * I have read and understand the Sustainable Events Guidelines and conditions for the 2018 Global Grooves event I further agree to indemnify the Mackay Regional Council against any claim whatsoever that may be brought against Mackay Regional Council by any person in relation to this stallholder agreement. I declare that I am willing to abide by the Sustainability Guidelines of 2018.